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April 8, 2011 | 7:02 AM

When loveable Labrador Maeumee has a set of puppies, Dong-Wook's (Song Jong-Ki) grades start to suffer. Because of this, Dong-Wook's mother decides to get rid of Maeumee and the puppies. The dogs then stay at a relative's video shop until the animals can be placed into an animal training center.
Meanwhile, two unscrupulous jewel thieves come into the video store and spots the little puppies. Hyeok-Pil (Song Dong-Il) decides to steal the littlest puppy to use as a runner to transport diamonds. Maeumee spots the two men taking away her young puppy and goes after the thieves! Can Maeumee save her puppy? Will Dong-Wook ever get to see Maeumee and the puppies again?


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Size : 350mb , Format : .avi , Version : DivX-KTH
Subtitles : Mediafire

Credit : jahepop

p/s : aku tak tengok lagi cerita nie. tapi aku dah tengok trailer dia. serius best! omo! joong ki sangat sangat daboom lah dalam nie! oppa!! saranghae! XD tapi kesian kat anjing tu. huhu. korang tengok lah k? :]


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Blogger salehah azmi said...

km tgdh cita ni.tp joong ki xbyk sngt dlm ni.byk anjing tu ja.tp sedih :'(


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