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October 1, 2011 | 1:41 PM

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Setelah sekian lama yana tak hupdate blog,\sebab takde idea nak update hape/ kali nie yana update sebab nak join contest. Ngee. Bila fikir2 balik kan, agak lama jugak lah yana tak join contest nie. Sebab? Malas. Tapi ntah kenapa yana tetiba je rajin nak join kali nie. Baiklah. Yana nak mencuba nasib sebenarnya. Hehe. :D
#click banner to go to the website :)

Terms and condition dia seperti di bawah nie:

  • Update a post with the title
  • 'Contest : My Header is Cute and Simple'
  • Don't forget to put your Header you want to bet in your post
  • Put this banner also
  • Tag 3 of your blogger friends and make sure they know
  • Contest is valid from now till end of September
  • Contest will be closed if less than 7 people join

So i bet this header :)
So, yana nak tag kat :
Sesiapa yang singgah dan baca entry ini :)



Blogger Mirah Mrs.Mexxrah said...

awak nak tanya sikit eh..camne nak bt background kat post and sidebar?

Blogger apple ♥ sidz said...

@Mirah Mrs.Mexxrah boleh tengok tuto kat sini : Post Body :)

Blogger atyn kecik said...

comel la blog akak . sukesukesuke :)

Blogger atyn kecik said...

saya dah follow blog akak :)

Blogger apple ♥ sidz said...

@atyn kecik thanks dear :)


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