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October 21, 2011 | 3:13 PM

Tagged by adik Nazihah, adik Maisarah dan Fatin Nadhrah. Thanks dear :3

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11 things about me;

First of all, I'm a human. Second, my name is Nur Liyana bt Yahaya. Third, I live in Malaysia. Fourth, I love to eattt. Fifth, I'm an otaku. Sixth, I'm Kpoper. Seventh, I love DOMO. Eighth, I'm second sister from four siblings. Ninth, my heart is already taken by Son Dongwoon. Tenth, I like to blogging. And the last but not least, eleventh, I love my family damn much!

Questions by Nazihah.
-When have you started blogging?
->Sept 2010

- Comics or novels?

- Your fave subject in school?
->Maths, Add Maths and Chemistry :D

- What does your name mean?
->Cahaya Kelembutan dan Kehalusan :3

- Where did you get your inspiration?
->Nazihah and Lettha ;)

- Money over love or love over everything? ♥
->Err. Both? XD

- Fave food and drink?
->Spaghetti, apple juice ♥

- How many times in a day do you shower?
->two or three times

- Do you think Jo Kwangmin is hot? Random question.
->Yes! He's my brother L to the O to the L XD

- Coca cola, Pepsi or just plain mineral water?
->plain mineral water. Good for health you know XD

-> Do you easily fall in loooove? Woot woot.

Questions by Maisarah
-Full name, please :)
-> Nur Liyana bt Yahaya

-How old are you??
-> 18 years old

-BEAST, SuJu, or SHINee?
-> SuJu and BEAST ♥

-Latte or Cappucino??

-> Google

-Do you think my blog is pretty?
-> yes :3

-Miyyo Azman or Justin Bieber?
-> Who's Miyyo Azman? =='

-K-pop or J-pop
_ Both! :D

-Twitting or Facebooking?
-> Both XD

-Do you like horror movies??
-> NO! I hate it =..=

-What's your ideal girl/boy?
-> Like Son Dongwoon? L to the O to the L XD

Question from Fatin Nadhrah;
Boyfriend ? Who ?
-Kwangmin :3

Studyholic ? No ? State why ?
-Yes, if it is my fave subject. Hoho :D

Result Mid-year Exam 2011 *Honestly pleeassee
- I'm not a primary or secondary school anymore. So doesn't have

How many cars do your family have ? List it
-2. To lazy to list it. HAHA! XD

Idol ?
-Prophet Muhammad S.A.W :)

Do you love Siti Nurhaliza ? Why ?
- No. Because I'm a girl. LOL!

Favourite food ?
- Spaghetti

Like Milo Beng ?
- Not really

What are you wearing now ?
- Secret :D

Hows your house look ? Picture pleaseee
- Like heaven^^ I love my house XD I don't want to put da picture. Can I? Can la XP

What about you that you like the most
- I'm a girl that have fun size. Ngee XD

My questions :
- What is your name?
- Otaku or Kpop?
- LOVE story or HORROR story?
- Facebooking or Blogging?
- Do you have pet[s]?
- Fave movie?
- Where do you live?
- How many siblings do you have?
- Parents or your lover?
- American Idol or X-Factor *random XD
- Domo or Rilakkuma :3

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Lots of Love,



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