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May 2, 2012 | 3:43 AM

Your Favourite Member

I love all Running Man members. But my personal favourite member, absolutely the best Nation MC, Yoo Jaesuk. He's also known as mettugi *grasshopper*, Yomes Bond, Yooruce Willis and Yoo Hyuk *the most name he like*.

He’s just so generous, humble, and hilarious :) I started watching Running Man in the beginning because my sister told me that this show was totally fun! Before the shows, I've been watching Family Outing which's Jaesuk and Jongkook was in it. Jihyo has been their guest in some episode and she's so adorable that time *she's also dance for 4 Minute song - Hot Issues in FO*. Btw, I loved watching Jaesuk in various shows because I knew he’d always provide me with laughter and joy :D

Lots of Love,

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Blogger miera farhana said...

nak join jugak RUNNING MAN 20 DAYS CHALLENGE..boleh?? =)

Blogger apple ♥ sidz said...

Boleh je. Join la :)

Blogger miera farhana said...

boleh x nak list snarai challenge nie from day 1 until 20..TQ =)


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